Astrosat takes data from space and presents it visually to help people understand and improve the planet

By turning satellite-driven data into easily understandable visuals and combining it with data gathered on Earth, Astrosat provides vital, accessible information for a wide variety of projects around the world.

We can use images taken in space to track illegal logging, tackle fuel poverty and improve responses to natural disasters in the areas that need them most. We work with private companies and public bodies with the aim of using space technology to make the world a better place.



Reforesting a Nation with Satellite Data



Mapping Fuel Poverty for an Energised UK



Storm Visualisation through Satellite Data


Our approach

Astrosat combines innovation in the space sector with information available on earth to create practical applications with real-world impact.

We can use information and images taken from satellites to add value to the existing datasets gained here on earth. The result is comprehensive, digestible material presented in a visual form to help make big changes.

We love being creative and lateral in our approach, using technology to its full potential and tailoring it to the needs of our clients.


Our team

Astrosat’s award-winning team is made up of scientists, self-described space geeks, developers and big thinkers.


Our clients
and partners

We’ve provided satellite data to help the work of companies, research groups and aid organisations. We’ve worked with the European Space Agency, the UK Space Agency, international governments and commercial companies to use space technology for terrestrial projects that improve the planet.

Our partners include: